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OKC Home Inspection and Home Inspectors in Oklahoma City

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Planning to buy a home in Oklahoma City and need a thorough inspection for electrical, structural or microwave leaks by a professional? Perhaps you are planning to sell your property in OKC and would like to have an inspection to make sure that it’s in tip-top shape for the OKC market. Let our professional home inspectors in Oklahoma City help you make the best deal for your property!

Hiring an experienced home and building inspector in OKC is the best way for you to find out all the existing problems and maintenance requirements of the property you are planning to purchase. Just relying on a real estate agent may not be enough since inspections are done by trained inspectors who are knowledgeable in safety laws for real estate properties in Oklahoma City.

Home inspectors in Oklahoma City can identify problems such as microwave leaks, HVAC issues, electrical troubles and much more that real estate agents can’t. Microwave leaks, for example, cannot be determined just by observation, but requires methods to know if the microwave is indeed safe and not emitting harmful amounts of microwave radiation. Having a trained inspector to check for this and other potential hazards in your home will definitely be to your advantage either as a seller or buyer of the property.

Shelter Home Inspection Services in OKC provides you an excellent, honest, and thorough inspection that could help or guide you in making a well-informed decision regarding a particular property in Oklahoma City. Our OKC inspectors will have a detailed inspection report and can also conduct combustible gas and microwave leak check at no additional charge. We can even suggest different ways how you can improve the safety and quality of your home so that it doesn’t lose its market value.

Call us today for a FREE quote! We’d be glad to answer your inquiries regarding home inspection services in OKC.

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